The publication, as well as the participation on INDUSCON 2021 requires the authors’ registration. Such registration allows the participation on the technical sessions and plenaries. Different types of registrations are available:

Registration Costs


The registration and payment will start on May 24th, 2021 at the link on this page.
In the registration process you will need to fill a form with your data, and the system will also request your paper´s ID numbers (the same number issued by the Papercept system) that you are paying for. A professional registration will grant up to two papers to be registered, with the possibility of one additional paper through additional fee. Student registration does not grant any paper publication.
After registration, you will receive an e-mail with an access code for each of your papers. These access codes will unlock the Papercept system and you will be able to upload and submit the final version of the papers.

Presentation and virtual sessions

The INDUSCON 2021 will be 100% virtual, with synchronous and asynchronous presentations. After the submission of the paper’s final version, the authors will have to prepare and upload two presentation videos for each paper. One full version with 10 to 15 minutes and another short version with 3 minutes of maximum duration. The full version video will be available to all the registered participants and it will be possible to be accessed anytime before and after the conference. The short version will be compiled with the other short video presentations to compose a thematic session that will be organized in virtual rooms on time slots allocated during the Induscon 2021’s conference days (The Conference Program).
Each session will take place on-line in a virtual room and will start running the short videos at the programmed day and time. After the presentations the audience present in the virtual room will have the opportunity to make questions, discuss and interact with the authors, with the supervision of the session’s chairman.
Additional information about video formats, presentation templates, and video upload links will be available soon on our site.


As informed before, all approved and presented papers, including in portuguese and in spanish languages, short and full papers, will be submitted for publication in IEEE Xplore.
Additionally, after an agreement with IEEE Industrial Applications Society, an INDUSCON 2021 committee will select papers from the conference to invite them to submit an expanded version to the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Applications.
Also, the Organizing Committee made another agreement for a special edition in the Machines journal. Selected papers will be invited to submit an expanded version with a discount of 20% of processing charges. The Machines journal is supported by IFToMM and if one of the authors is a member of IFToMM, they can apply for some additional discount.
Additional information will be available soon on our site.

Important dates

Start of registration and paymentMay 24th, 2021
Dead-line for final version uploadJune 15th, 2021
The videos must be uploaded untilJuly 1st, 2021